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Simtech Solutions has developed an arsenal of utilities to assist agencies to better collect and report on data that is relevant to each organizations funding and operating needs. These tools address common issues that agencies face when doing data collection and reporting including poor data quality and the need for creating custom assessments and reports.

The Advanced Data Management tools are the byproducts of experiences from years of consulting work on such projects as the statewide homeless management information system for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Why develop another data management solution?

While working for years in the realm of homeless management information systems (HMIS) software we have learned that the objectives of most software built for the social services arena focuses on meeting mandated reporting requirements. This falls short of the true goal that the software should have which, in the case of HMIS, is to end homelessness. Our vision is to create comprehensive solutions which not only handle the reporting requirements (and to do so with unprecedented functionality) but to go for the end game and help provide our users with the tools that enable them to solve the issues that they might otherwise just be reporting on.