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  • News and Events is a comprehensive data management solution built to assist non-profits in their quest to better understand and serve their clientele. also features a public-facing directory of non-profit agencies which serves as a point of contact for potential clients as well as a mechanism for other agencies to send and receive client referrals.

Data Management Dashboard - Simtech Solutions Inc. has developed an arsenal of utilities to assist agencies to better collect and report on data that is relevant to each organizations funding and operating needs. These tools address common issues that agencies face when doing data collection and reporting including poor data quality and the need for creating custom assessments and reports.

Agency Directory - The goal of the directory project is to aid agencies in the collaboration with others so they can better serve the people in their community. To accomplish this goal of improved collaboration, contains a directory service that enables non-profit agencies to share information about their programs and services they offer.

Information and Referral - Subscribers to can send and receive referrals to any agency listed within the directory. This tool allows for the coordination of efforts within a region and helps to ensure that there is no wrong door for clients with needs in your community.

Data Quality Monitoring - Advanced analytical tools allow for the continued monitoring of data quality at all operational levels within your region. Data can be gathered either directly from the application or can be sent to from other systems that support common data exchange formats.

Advanced Reporting - The reporting tools in enable an everyday user to learn move from the data they are collecting. Reports can either be created by the staff at Simtech Solutions or we can train staff on how to create stunning reports that will help you and your organization drive social change.